Monthly Archives: March 2014

12 weeks to a changed life


Week 12. I have a job. As a web application developer for an educational publisher. I will start Tuesday.

It’s been a long time since I’ve published a post. Partly because there’s only so much to say about this program before it begins to sound either self-serving or whiny, also because there’s not been much new to report. 

Around week 7, some of the other apprentices began submitting resumes and fielding calls from recruiters. I joined them by putting my resume out there because I was worried I would have a harder time than the others at finding a job. I had given myself a six month time frame after the end of the cohort before giving up and moving into another area.

But here I am, after fielding two separate job offers in week 11, with my first dev job beginning soon. Honestly, I don’t think my age has hurt anything. It may have helped that I have more life experience. Presenting well during interviews has also helped.

What has been the most important factor for me is what this has done to my self-esteem. Please forgive me for focusing all on myself for a moment. I did this myself. I made up my mind to change my life. Then I did it. I did the hard things that needed to be done. And I got a job. Not using a hiring network or personal connections. I found this job on my own. I got it on my own.