Beginning week 2


After a too short weekend, I’m back for week 2. Going home for the weekend was emotionally charged and I felt drained after saying goodbye to everyone once again. But I spent several hours coding after I got back to my apartment and I feel a lot more focused and ready to go. After struggling a bit with exercises on methods, I solved a complex problem by myself and that helped boost my confidence. Working helps keep my mind from wandering to places it shouldn’t go.

I amazed at how much I’ve learned in just the first week.


About wildv

I am a web developer, designer, and writer. On the side, I teach art to children and adults at an art studio that is housed in a historic building that is rumored to be haunted (I've never seen the ghost). I love Jesus, being outdoors, traveling, exploring new (to me) cultures, hiking, minimalism, and cooking gourmet food. An introvert and an INFP, I love people, but need solitude, preferably in the wilderness, to recharge.

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