coding bootcamp: am i good enough?


In three weeks, I head to Akron for a Java apprenticeship through the Software Craftsmanship Guild.

I simply can’t believe it. Can’t.

Tonight I went to a meeting of the Columbus Ruby Brigade. The speakers were fresh from Dev Bootcamp in Chicago. Katy, a graduate, Alyssa, an instructor, and Dave Hoover, DBC’s founder, all spoke tonight about their experiences and answered tons of questions.

I went because I am hungry to know everything I can about what to expect when I attend SCG. The two programs are different: Dev Bootcamp focuses on Ruby while SCG has two separate cohorts that choose to focus on either .NET or Java. Yet, they have a great many similarities in the way they are structured and taught.

I know I am very different from most applicants to these programs. I am female. I’m old enough to be their parent. Those two facts alone make me stand out. Add in my natural insecurities and I am a walking, neurotic bag of mush. It was good to hear that at DBC, they address the insecurity issues head-on. And everybody has them. I hope this gets addressed at SCG, but if it doesn’t, I hope I remember what was said here tonight.

Katy was very inspiring when she stood at the front and said that she knows she can learn anything. It may take her longer, or it may not, but either way is OK. It was good to know that I’m not the only one wondering if I am good enough.

And the answer is, yes, I am.


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